Julie Dugdale

Full Professor – HDR, Université Grenoble Alpes

Contact Information:

IMAG Building, Office 362
STeamer Team, Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (UMR 5217), (link is external)
Bâtiment IMAG
700 avenue Centrale
Domaine Universitaire – 38401 St Martin d’Hères
Phone: +33 4 57 42 14 88
Email: Julie dot Dugdale at imag.fr

Research Interests:

I am interested in modelling aspects of human behaviour at the cognitive, work and societal level using an agent-based approach. Often, but not always, my agent-based models are used for simulations. Broadly, my work falls into the domain of Agent based Social Simulation (ABSS).

Keywords: Agent based social simulation, human behaviour modelling, cognition, human interaction, complex systems theory, collective intelligence, crisis management, emergency management, energy management

I am a Full Professor at University Grenoble Alps (link is external). In 2013 I received my HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches) from University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.

  • Themes : Human behavior modelling, agent-based social simulation, emergency and crisis management, pedestrian modelling, complex systems theory, collective intelligence
  • Projects in progress : C2IMPRESS (Funding EC) 2022-2025, SWITCH (funding ANR) 2019-2023, HIANIC (funding ANR) 2018-2022, MMI-SMA-BC (funding IDEX IRS) 2019-2023, Human Behaviour in Seismic Crises (funding AUF) 2019-2021, Risk@UGA (funding CDP IDEX RISK) 2017-2021
  • PhD Students :
    • ongoing (1) : Morteza Alaeddini
    • and in the past (10) : Rouba Iskandar (2022), Seif Eddine Bouzianne (2022), Manon Prédhumeau (2021), Julius Bangate (2019), Lauren Thévin (2016), Sabri Ghazi (2017), Parvaneh Sarshar (2015), Ayesha Kashif (2014), James Marshall (2002), David Rozier (1998)
  • Publications: referenced on dblp or hal
  • Teaching :

From 2022 my teaching is at the Computer Science Department of IUT2, University Grenoble Alps. I teach on the following courses on the BUT (Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie) programme:

  • R1.05 Introduction aux bases des données et SQL
  • R1.02 Développement d’interfaces Web
  • R2.06 Exploitation d’une base de données
  • R2.02 Développement d’applications avec IHM
  • R0.4 Bases de données