Julie Dugdale

Associate Professor – HDR, Université Grenoble Alpes

  • Themes : Human behavior modelling, agent-based social simulation, emergency and crisis management, pedestrian modelling, complex systems theory, collective intelligence
  • Projects in progress : SWITCH (funding ANR) 2019-2023, HIANIC (funding ANR) 2018-2022, MMI-SMA-BC (funding IDEX IRS) 2019-2023, Human Behaviour in Seismic Crises (funding AUF) 2019-2021, Risk@UGA (funding CDP IDEX RISK) 2017-2021
  • PhD Students :
    • ongoing (4) : Morteza Alaeddini, Seif Eddine Bouzianne, Rouba Iskandar, Manon Prédhumeau.
    • and in the past (7) : Julius Bangate (2019), Lauren Thévin (2016), Sabri Ghazi (2017), Parvaneh Sarshar (2015), Ayesha Kashif (2014), James Marshall (2002), David Rozier (1998)
  • Publications: referenced on dblp or hal
  • Teaching : Currently: Systèmes Complexes (M2 MIASHS), Intelligence Artificielle et Systèmes Multi-agents (M1 MIASHS), Interaction Homme-Machine (M1 MIASHS), Génie Logiciel (M1 MIASHS), Langages Formels et Calculabilité (L2 MIASHS). Previously: Bases de Donées (M1 MIASHS), Computational Cognitive Modelling (M1 MIASHS).
  • Web page : http://hawai.imag.fr/content/julie-dugdale