Clément Chagnaud

  • PhD Student –

    • Subject: Geovisualisation tools and methods and exploratory spatial analysis for digital humanities : practical application to cartographic data from Linguistic Atlas of France
    • Keywords: computer science, geolinguistic, geovizualisation, spatial analysis, statistics, digital humanities, geographical information system
    • Abstract: Digitalized cultural heritage content is becoming more and more accessible for scientists and especially in the study of local dialects. This thesis aims to develop analysis methods and modelization of spatial data to process linguistic information from the Linguistic Atlas of France.
      I also look for defining cartographic vizualisation to make data more understandable and geolinguistic knowledge extraction easier. We need to define both semiotic recommendations for the cartographic expression of geolinguistic data and a conceptual frame for its geovisualisation and its exploratory analysis.
      These proposals lead to the implementation of tools and methods to explore interactions between geographical data and geolinguistic data.
    • Supervisors:
      • PACTE – LIG – STeamer: Paule-Annick Davoine
      • GIBSA-Lab – VSLD: Elizabetta Carpitelli
      • LJK: Philippe Garat
    • Funding: ANR ECLATS
    • Start: 01/01/2017