Choucas user interface

Choucas user interface is a geovisualization environment, which aims to provide help to rescuers in order to locate victims in mountain areas, in an emergency situation. This environment is developed as part of the Choucas project.

Choucas is a collaborative research project, which aims to meet a need, initially expressed by the PGHM of Grenoble, of support tools for victims localization in mountain areas. The project is coordinated by the team COGIT from the laboratory LASTIG of the IGN, in partnership with the team STeamer from the LIG, the team MOVIES from the LIUPPA, and the PGHM of Grenoble. The project is founded by the ANR for a duration of 42 months (2017-2020).

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The following video shows the state of the visualization interface in July 2018